January 17, 2021

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Motivational Games to Play In your Call Center 2.0

We categorized games into three classes, basic games which are easier to learn. Intermediate games take a little more of thoughts while advanced games are challenging to set up and can best be done in holidays. Below are examples of each category.

Basic games

  • Pass the…

Pass the… passing around a stuffed animal to an agent who makes a sale. The supervisor has three pieces of paper to write down three times during the day. For example, at 11:29 am, 1:42 pm and 3:18 pm.  At a designated time, for example, 11:29 pm whoever has the stuffed animal gets a prize.

  • Hangman

It is a guessing game that is fun and motivating. A team, a supervisor with 12 to 16 individuals, guesses the answers for a set of questions.  Then a line is drawn on the hangman to see how much the team guessed right. It is such a good way to finish the day at work.

  • Color Me Up contest

This game entails drawing a mascot with a coloring theme. Every time someone gets a sale, they add a piece to it that is either a nose or a face. In the end, some management people and HR vote on who had the coolest mascot and the team wins. This game motivates an agent individually as well as encouraging healthy competition.

  • Poker

You can decide to get more creative with the games to generate interest. Especially with poker that can go for a day or a week. For every KPI an agent achieves, (s)he gets a card. An agent may get up to 25 cards but only use the top seven, the best poker hand wins.

  • Cornhole

This one creates excitement and hence, boosts the working environment atmosphere. Every time an agent gets a sale, he/she gets to throw and score points for their team.

  • KPI Tic-Tac-Toe

There’s nothing quite like a Tic-Tac-Toe game that challenges an individual’s performance. A board is placed on the floor, whoever gets a KPI gets to pin their X or O. The best out of seven series is done to see who wins.

  • Bet Who

It is betting on who gets the next KPI, sale or the next person to get quality monitoring on whichever KPI they are monitoring. If a person gets a sale, for example, Suzie, she bets on who will get the next sale. That motivates the person to try to work. If the person gets it, Suzie and the person she chose to get certain total points, for example 10 and 5 points respectively. It goes back and forth and if a chosen person doesn’t get the next sale, it goes to the person who gets the sale to bet.

Intermediate Fun Games

The aim of these games is to get the agents to get up from their booths and walk a little and get a few minutes of relaxation.

  • Hoop It Up

It is quite fun and can be a motivator for an agent to get a KPI. It involves having enough hoop on one end of the floor and use painter’s tape to mark different distances for different points. Every time someone gets a sale they get to shoot and score points for their team.

  •  Hall Ball/ Roller Ball

 If your call center has a hall attached, this would be a fun way to relax. Walk to the end of the hall. Roll a ball into a garbage can or a cup.  You can go further and create a ramp towards the box or garbage to roll the ball on.

  • Pyramid

Pyramid is quite involving and creates excitement. Every time someone gets a sale, they get to go up and stack the cups in the pyramid and bring them down within the specified time, for example, in 30 seconds.

  • Scavenger Hunt

For this game, you can create laminated sheets that have  12 to 15 different KPI or 12 different targets e.g, get three sales, have 100% of your monitoring, tell your supervisor something positive or help your teammate out. As the day goes, when an agent does these things the mark them off. The game is quite fulfilling as well as motivating.

Advanced Awesomeness games

  • Human Board Game

In this game, a 1ft*1ft carpet squares that look like game board pieces are created on the floor. A path is created through the booths that sneaks all the way around and goes around a couple of times. It should have a start, a finish line, some pitfalls, and helpers. It is basically transferring the board game to the floor. Use stuffed animal or picture as a mascot for each team.  A person makes a sale, rolls dice to determine the number of spaces to move on the board.

  • Battle Ship

Sinking other agents ships is such an exciting game.The call center booths become the stations. For example, one station is the battleship, another a destroyer and aircraft care. The game involves getting sales and trying to sink each other’s battleship. The second way of playing is a company-wide battleship game. Set up a giant grid that has specific places for the battleships and each representative gets a certain amount of chocolate coins. The goal is to have the most amount of chocolate coins at the end or to have your battleship alive at the end.  Each supervisor gets points if they guess the position of their opponents’ ships. If your battleship gets sunk you lose coins to the other person

  • Kentucky Derby

It is the same with the human board game, except it is done around a Kentucky Derby or other outing areas. For example, casino night fundraisers where you can use a stuffed head horse as a mascot. Everybody rolls dice and move to see who wins the horse race

  • Water Pong

It works best when you do a tournament based on teams. Have representatives to play for their teams and track points to determine the winning team.

  • Facebook and Instagram engagement

In this game, the agents who get a sale have the opportunity to post about the company or their co-workers on social media, for example, the company’s Facebook fun page. Voting is done  at the end and the winner gets a price. Other activities include, team versus team picture taking to see who comes up with the most unique things that can be posted.

  • Prices

The games are about having fun and celebrating. However, the prices to be won may include extra break time, make a sale go home with pay for maybe the last 20 minutes and,  gift cards.

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