January 4, 2018

Rethinking Call Center Outsourcing

Rethinking Call Center Outsourcing

Question…When you are looking for a special gift to purchase for a loved one, a gift that really needs to make a statement, where do you go to buy that? Would you go to a giant supercenter like Walmart or Target or would you look for that boutique shop around the corner that provides amazing one on one service and has the most unique and high- quality products?

When companies are looking to outsource call centers or customer service functions, many large international call centers are the first to come to mind. While some have a USA presence they also have many employees in places like the Philippines, India, Costa Rica, and Guatemala. These centers are the Walmart’s of the BPO universe. While serving a purpose, they are not for everyone.

Imagine a call center with highly trained USA associates hired strictly based on matching corporate culture. A center that has best in class 24/7 client services, along with the newest contact center technology catering to companies that have the need to outsource 5-200 seats. This is Expivia call center outsourcing, we are the place to have that special customer experience your customers crave!

Qualities of USA Call Center Outsourcing BPO’s Like Expivia

HIGH QUALITY– Are you comfortable with your program being in a room with hundreds if not thousands of other seats that are catering to many other larger clients? Let’s say for example that you place a 10-50 seat program in a 450-seat center like Expivia, the level of quality and care rises as the importance of your program to the outsourcer rises. You need a center that will work day in and day out for your business success while you get to focus on your core business. You do not want a BPO call center that has your 30 seat program in the corner of a 1000 seat site.

REAL PARTNERSHIP– At Expivia, we partner with our clients, something that cannot be truly understood until you choose the wrong partner. Try telling a large center you want to A/B test a new product with just a few associates next week. That would never happen and if it did would come with exorbitant costs. At Expivia, not only would it happen, but we would bend over backward to make it successful. We don’t just “work” on a program and go home. We monitor, determine what improvements need to be made, and scour reports to make every program become a success

COST-EFFECTIVE PRICINGWhen customers think of the cost of USA outsourcing they are not taking into account the methods of the high-end Boutique USA call center that can beat the larger call center in price every time!!

This is one of the largest differences and most misunderstood pieces of outsourcing. For the most part, smaller USA call centers like Expivia are more entrepreneurial. Setup costs are less stringent and cost per hour or by the minute are very program-driven. When you are a smaller client you are at the will of the larger call center. You will be charged for everything because the larger call center can. You will pay setup fees, IT fees, fees to set up reporting and fees for scripting. Don’t even ask about changing a report or a script or the screen after the initial setup…you will be charged.

ADVANCED TECHNOLOGYExpivia can offer all the advanced technology that a multinational BPO can offer. Expivia has a full team of onsite (not outsourced) programmers to handle all needed development and integrations. Expivia offers advanced speech analytics on EVERY call for a real Voice of Customer. We offer omnichannel communications, voice authentication, state of the art chatbots, and texting AI along with the ability to do co-browsing on your website along with video service offerings

AMAZING CLIENT EXPERIENCE– One of the largest differences between a large center and what we do here at Expivia is to provide world-class client onboarding and services support. Many of the larger call centers have clients communicate with the operations employee on the floor regarding any trouble ticket for an IT change or call “Creative” to have a scripting change done. We personally think that shows a lack of partnership.
At Expivia, we give you 24/7 client support with one point of contact that understands your program inside and out. When you have a question, you speak with one client services manager for all your issues. You cannot put a price on that kind of peace of mind.

The call center of today is a high-tech business. Expivia wants to be your contact center partner today and tomorrow. We are on top of the newest customer engagements and ever-changing technology, so you always have an advantage!

Customer experience is the next competitive battleground, arm your company.

Click here to schedule a free 15 minute no-obligation meeting with us at Expivia so we can show you how call center outsourcing will upgrade your customer experience and sales.

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