January 22, 2018

The Omni-Channel Contact Center Is Here. See the Difference!

Are you using a full omni-channel contact center platform or call center provider for your business?  If you are not take a quick read to find out what you are missing!

Customers are more demanding than ever, two years ago the trend was to move to a multi-channel platform there you could handle multiple service channels but the integration was still a little shaky with having them all work seamlessly together.  Not any more…

The omni-channel world is here.  Seamless integration BETWEEN channels while on the same interaction.  Handing voice, chat, and email with the same customer at the same time allowing for out of the world customer engagement and first call resolution.

Moving to an Omni-Channel engagement platform

60% of customers change their contact channel depending on where they are and what they’re doing.

Think about that stat and the implications that it has for your service model….Let it sink in.

We at Expivia believe that there is no other option then to go omni-channel, you are leaving too much on the table if you stay the course with your dated service model

After a positive customer experience, 69% of Americans would recommend that company to others. 

and on the other hand….

Following a negative customer experience, 58% of Americans would never use that company again. 

Is that worth saving a couple of dollars by forcing customers to your method of cheaper interaction?  For too many companies this type of narrow-minded thinking is the norm.  It is penny-wise and dollar foolish in our opinion. On average, loyal customers are worth up to 10 times as much as their first purchase

Let’s Dig Into this….

Is your organization telling your customers how they are to interact with your company? Seems backward, doesn’t it? So many organizations make customers go through long drawn out IVRs, have no mobile strategy, Facebook pages with only company updates (thinking that’s a social media strategy). Worse of all though are organizations that hide their phone number on their website to try to force non-voice options because it’s cheaper (so they think)! Your customers should be telling you how they want to interact with your company. We should want to talk to our customers if they want to talk to us, why are we pushing them away or funneling them to one or two channels when that is not what they want?

The USA Call Center of 2010 is just not good enough anymore. Now is the time for the Omni-Channel Interaction Center.  What is an interaction center? It’s the contact center’s big brother. It is the seamless joining of all the new marketing channels with your contact center. We believe this should consist of Four main zones and some sub-zones like we have here at Expivia.

Contact Center:

This includes your inbound and outbound voice, chat, and email. There is no doubting the fact that voice is still the favored channel among customers but out internet-savvy customers are starting to demand more. The contact center in today’s interaction center model also includes email and chat. World-class customer service still starts here but is rapidly changing. This is still the foundation but is not and cannot be the end all be all to your customer service strategy.  Cost is a bad excuse here as voice, chat, and email some now together with most cloud telephony providers and USA BPO call centers.

Check this out if you are looking for more info on USA voice customer service.

Social Media:

Failure to respond via social channels can lead to a 15% increase in the churn rate

Social media is so misused by organizations right now. They still use it as “shout” media only to tell customers about new things going on with the company (waste). Social media is such a powerful tool when it comes to customer service and so few organizations embrace this. The ability to engage customers in many different formats, push company initiatives, and maybe most importantly fix issues with disgruntled customers before they spread is so powerful. With consumers moving to more mobile strategies through tablets and smartphones, the social media aspect of customer interactions will be growing exponentially. Monitoring and responding instantly to issues that arise on social media is a must.  With Twitter handles such as @gripeo_feed and @CXalert, complaints can take on a like of their own.  If responded to quickly and properly you can turn a problem customer into one that becomes an evangelist for your brand. Social media is no longer a luxury channel and has not been for the past couple of years.

59% of 25-34 year-olds share poor customer experiences online 


You have an IVR right?  Your customers use it but you know it’s not a great customer experience.  Self-service when done right is extremely valuable too for customers.   When done wrong it hurts your brand and your companies reputation.  Chatbots and Text AI will be taking over the IVR soon.  You can brand your bot with your corporate culture and allow for any time engagement with no rush.  Check our company Chatbot named “Red” on our website at www.expiviausa.com.  See how your customers can engage with your brand in a whole different way!


Video will be a large part of the future of service and sales and more and more customers are getting a comfort level to being seen and heard through video. Video needs to be in your omni-channel plans.

Your New Customer Service Model:

How powerful would it be if your organization has a marketing interaction center that has the mastery of the four channels above…. you could:

  • Have a world-class contact center that handles all-out customer’s voice needs. You have the ability to handle all voice, email, chat interaction along with being able to jump on your customer’s browser to help with any site issues.
  • Have an integrated group that handles all your social media interactions while monitoring for any customer opportunities( customer service slang for complaints) This means not only using tools like Facebook, Twitter, and blog writing to engage customers but also be proactive in viewing customers’ reviews and issues. You are able to stop issues before they start and show customers you are proactive in caring about them! It’s a good thing to interact with your customers!!
  • The last step would then be to create a self-service model built on the newest in chatbot, texting AI, and app technology.  Sound expensive…you would be surprised.  All of this is included in one hourly price when you look to outsource with a USA Call Center like Expivia!

I believe that the contact center is now not the end all be all to customer interactions but a tool that used with emerging technologies and interaction channels creates what will be the new measure of customer service… The Omni-Channel Contact Center.

Companies that do not embrace an omni-channel contact center are already falling behind.

Talk to us today about your Contact Center outsourcing plans.  Click here at www.expiviausa.com!

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