October 16, 2020

My Five Favorite Call Center Reports

Here at Expivia, we have been working with many clients to set up reporting, and a lot of questions have come from that. The Call Center Geek Texting Community has already grown to almost 200 people, and if there are any questions you readers/listeners have, text “Hello!” to (814) 247-0366.

While working with these clients, I decided I wanted to talk about my five favorite reports. Now you really need to be a call center nerd to be interested in this topic, but if you are reading this then it proves you are! Let’s get started!

1. Daily Summary Report

Daily Summary Reports need to be available every single day whether you are an internal call center or you outsource. It is not enough to be able to make adjustments during the game, you need to be able to see trends after the fact as well. Included in your daily summary report should be incoming calls & handled calls in columns right next to each other. How many calls came in and how many did you actually take? The next column should be Abandons. Abandons + Handled should equal Incoming. The next column is Skills; each skill gets its own daily summary report. Service level, skill, average handle time, and average speed of answer should all have their own columns. The last stat that is important to analyze is Longest Delay. It will tell you if you have a bad interval without a report. The Daily Summary Report gives you all the basic information you might need.

2. Snapshot Reports – Monthly Volume Trend

Every day this chart will tell you what your call volume is. Personally, I am a visual learner, and these types of spreadsheets give visual aspects that help new or inexperienced workforce managers to understand the trends that are occurring. Being able to see which days of the week you are heavy, or lulling, is important.

3. Interval Trend Report

This report looks at call volume for a defined interval. Usually, these intervals are an hour, but some clients like to see 15-minute intervals. I also add service level to those intervals for an extra level of information. If there is a definite pattern to these intervals, then we can staff accordingly. If you host an internal contact center within your company infrastructure, these types of reports are especially important for you to see. If you do not have robust workforce management, these reports are important so that you know how to staff accordingly during high call volume times. Lunchtimes are usually the culprit.

4. Agent Occupancy Report

Agent occupancy is the time that an agent is in a working state, taking physical calls. This report is important for everyone. Should you be looking at occupancy by program, or by skill, or by occupancy by agent? The answer is yes. All of the above! Each of these factors are going to correlate with each other, especially regarding billing. If you are new to the industry, occupancy reports should be included with your daily summary. Also, have the conversation about whether after-call work should be included in your occupancy reporting. This can vary by program.

5. Agent & Customer Sentiment Report

Agent sentiment reports are ALWAYS more important than customer sentiment reports. Agent sentiment reports can be checked on every day, customer reports, every three days. The agent sentiment reports are more important so you can efficiently solve any issues, know who needs to be trained further, and just to be aware of the overall happiness of your employees. Know who to talk to in the morning during meetings, know who needs help.

Those are my 5 favorite reports for an overall campaign. These are key metrics that should be paid attention to, to make sure you are trending in the right directions, staffing is allocated appropriately, and drilling down on problems being seen over longer periods of time. The individual agent is less important than macro-level trending, meaning you should not be worried if one person is underperforming. This is when supervisors will step in and help to better that employee’s work experience!

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