January 6, 2018

Call Center Outsourcing Cost – Onshore, Nearshore, and Offshore

Call Center Outsourcing Pricing

What is call center outsourcing pricing that outsourcing companies will charge your company to outsource your customer service or call center voice operations? That is a question that comes up a lot when talking to new clients. Costs differ significantly depending on the quality and budget you have. USA-based, Nearshore, Offshore, dedicated or shared environments…What is the best option for you and your company? The following is an overview of what you are generally looking at when it comes to BPO outsourcing costs.

1.) Inbound Voice Service/Sales


  • Dedicated – Call Centers in the USA “generally” price themselves at $23-28 an hour with the average being around $26.00. Now is this is the average for a regular customer service program. If you are looking for specific skills like tier 2 tech, licensed insurance agents, registered nurses then these per hour costs are normally in the $30-$50 per hour range with some going much higher than that if the skill is hard to find.
  • Per Minute- per-minute charges for programs range from .52- .70 cents per minute. Most call centers use an occupancy of 75%. This means associates in a billable state 45 minutes out of every hour. If you take .52 * 45 minutes = $23.40. That is how you get the per hour charge.


  • Nearshore Inbound/Customer Service ranges anywhere from $12-$17 depending on the country you are looking to outsource to. Mexico is low to mid-teens/hour


  • This is really a little bit of a wild card with all the countries and different large and small BPO’s operating in the space. You can pay as low as $4-$6 dollars an hour for centers in India and Pakistan but the going rate is normally $7-$10 dollars an hour.

Check out our Call Center Pricing Podcast Episode on iTunes for more info!

2.) Outbound

While there are many different pricing models when it comes to outbound marketing these are the rough non-commission (Pay for performance) hourly rates you will find.


  • USA rates are anywhere from $22-$28/ hour for standard outbound programs (sales, follow up, appt generation, service calls). Any advanced skill programs (licensed agent…) can run from $30-$50/hour. Pricing for inbound and outbound in the states is very similar so it makes it easy to multi-skill agents in both from an efficiency standpoint.


  • Call centers in the Eastern part of Europe and Latin America are in the $9-$16/hour range. Again, Mexico is in the mid-teen range.


  • In general, you will find agencies in India and the Philippines normally charge from $5-$10 dollars per agent hour. Eastern Europe and the Middle East is a little more /hour.

3) Pricing Calculator

If you are not sure how these costs really compare to your internal call center, then click here for a useful Call Center Cost Calculator. It will allow you to do a 5-10 minute costs analysis of your site vs our USA BPO Expivia. It will give you a great idea of what you can afford from a pricing model and what you may be able to save (or not save) from outsourcing.

If you have any call center outsourcing pricing questions please contact us at www.expiviausa.com/contact-us or check us out at www.expiviausa.com!

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